Get travel vaccinations for adults, teens and children

We also provide travelers with prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis, antibiotics for travelers’ diarrhea and medications for prevention of altitude sickness. Our patients leave their travel appointments educated, immunized and, most importantly, prepared for their adventures.

NEW: Needle-Free Flu Shots

PharmaJet-2needleFreeVickery Vaccine Services offers a safe and easy “no-needle” flu shot. It eliminates the fear and anxiety associated with getting injected! It only takes about 1/10 of a second to administer. To learn more, download an informative brochure that will answer the most frequently asked questions about the “Needle-Free” Flu shot.  Remember, we accept most insurance plans AND we come to your location… your home, office, church, school or organization!  Call 267-477-1010 and ask about this unique service.



PREVNAR 13 ® or Pneumovax 23® available

Protect yourself from pneumonia with a single vaccine dose of PREVNAR 13 or Pneumovax 23 administered by Vickery Vaccine Services. Call 267-477-1010 to have one of our medical professionals come to your location. OR visit one of our several Mobile Vaccine Clinics, just call for an appointment and to find a location nearest to you.