Why should I get a Whooping Cough vaccine before visiting a newborn baby?


Epidemic in California

According to CNN Health News, less than two weeks ago California officially declared a whooping cough epidemic; and they’re getting hit hard (800 new reported cases in the last two weeks.)  The epidemic is not only across the country but right here in Pennsylvania too, where we are starting to experience the escalation of reported cases. Recently, 51 cases of the Whooping Cough (Pertussis Bacterium) Disease have hit Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County.  These 51 newly reported cases of the Whooping Cough have exceeded the total cases reported in all of 2013. Nationally, 9,964 patients have been diagnosed with Whooping Cough, just from January1- June 16.   This number is a 24% increase since just last year.

What is Whooping Cough?

This disease is airborne, making it extremely contagious, and a real threat to our little loved ones.  Cases of babies with the Whooping Cough virus often quickly turn into pneumonia, and many cases demand hospitalization of the infant.  The bigger picture is this: as we are aware of this rampant disease impacting young and old adults, we need to take the responsibility and immunize ourselves with vaccinations before this urgent epidemic spreads to the small children and infants we are in contact with.  Being so young and susceptible to this disease; getting the Whooping Cough Vaccine today will have you worry free around you or your family’s newborn.

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