About Us

Vaccinations by a professional medical team

Jim Vickery, R.Ph., Registered Pharmacist

Background on Jim Vickery

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Temple University in 1980
  • Registered in the states of Pennsylvania and Colorado as a Registered Pharmacist
  • 32 years’ experience as a Pharmacist B.S., R.Ph.
  • Accredited by the American Pharmacists Association in 2006 to provide immunizations

PharmaJet-2needleFree Company Information

Founded by Jim Vickery in 2006
Business office located in Chalfont PA
5 on-site locations and growing
Exclusive, area provider of PharmaJet “Needle-Free” Flu shots
A convenient full-service vaccination provider



Safety and Privacy regulations

  • Adheres to HIPAA and OSHA regulations
  • Member of APHA and PPA
  • Clinics staff with a licensed pharmacist or nurse

Travel Vaccines in-stock

Jim Vickery, our pharmacist, along with our medical staff, have extensive training in travel medicine. We prescribe the vaccinations and medications necessary for your trip.  We are able to provide concise, yet in-depth, information tailored to your itinerary.  We have all vaccinations in stock.  Often times physicians do not carry vaccinations related to travel.

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