FAQ’s about Travel and Flu Vaccinations


What does a travel consultation consist of?

The travel consultation is a customized counseling session that will cover disease risk specifically for your destination country, including discussion on recommended and required vaccinations and medications.  Your itinerary, medical history and other special needs are all taken into account, and we are adamant about only recommending for you vaccinations that are necessary.  You will leave the pharmacy immunized, with your immunization card in hand, as well as a personalized travel booklet to bring with you on your trip.

What should I bring with me to my travel appointment?

Please bring along your previous immunization records if you have them, your prescription insurance card, and your travel itinerary or anything else you think will be relevant to your travel consultation session.

What documentation will vaccinated travelers be provided with?

A certificate of immunization is provided at every visit.  For those receiving yellow fever vaccination, an international certificate of immunization will be issued.

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