Am I a high risk target for the 2014 flu season?

Obviously, the infants and elders that surround us are always going to be more prone to any virus going around, especially one as powerful as the flu. What most people don’t know is that there are numerous health conditions, unrelated to age, that could make you a high risk target this oncoming flu season.

Any woman who is expecting to be or is currently pregnant during this flu season is putting their unborn baby at risk. Because pregnancy causes jolting changes in the immune system, the chances of flu complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or other serious complications (even death) makes a pregnant woman very high risk. Having the influenza immunization vaccination is the only way to protect the mother and her unborn baby. Millions of pregnant women have received the flu shot and no complications were brought to them or their baby.

Those who have asthma, even if it is well controlled by an inhaler or lung steroid, are a target group for the flu. People with asthma naturally have inflamed airways that the flu can further enlarge. This is a serious health risk because it can actually make your asthmatic symptoms severely worse, even months after having the flu. Getting your flu vaccine as soon as possible will keep you out of the hospital this flu season.

Heart disease or a history of having a stroke is linked directly to patients hospitalized because of the influenza virus. In fact, 37% of all patients hospitalized last year had a heart disease. Heart disease includes anything from heart failure and congenital heart defects, to other conditions such as hypertensive or pulmonary heart disease, heart valve disorders, and arrhythmias.

American Indians and Alaskan Natives are at higher risk than most of the population. It is believed to be because of their different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Crowded living situations may be linked to the spike in numbers of American Indians and Alaskan Natives affected by the flu. The first preventative step is to get vaccinated immediately.

Diabetic patients have increased risk too; because their immune systems aren’t as effective as people without diabetes, they have a harder time fighting the illness and incur complications a lot more easily. The infection the flu virus brings to your body actually spikes blood sugar levels, in addition to the lack of one’s appetite through the virus; this poses a great threat to the well-being of a diabetic.

Cancer patients, and people diagnosed with the HIV virus or AIDS are also at high risk. Blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia also lead to further complications with the flu virus. If you’re one of the people with any of the previous conditions, the only real way to stay healthy, happy, and out of the hospital this flu season is to call Vickery Vaccine Services! Get your FREE consultation today and even schedule a same or next day appointment. Visit our website for more great news and our contact information! Don’t put it off until it’s too late!


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