We supply vaccines to your patients!

As a physician, you try to balance a business and a medical practice. You need an easy way to administer vaccines without the expense of buying and storing them. We have a program designed to meet your specific needs, budgets, and timelines.

Victory Vaccine Services provides up to date vaccines, handles the medical billing, and the administration of the vaccine in a professional environment.

By using Victory Vaccine Services, you will save time and will provide a valuable service. We meet all HIPPA requirements and monitor any federal and state regulations. Be assured that we keep accurate records and keep your patient data secure.

Patient care is our focus. With over 30 years in the healthcare field, we are fully insured, licensed, and certified by the APHA. You can be confident in our ability.

We make it easy.

We provide you with prescription pads listening the most common vaccines your patients will require.How are name and number are clearly indicated, simply fill it out. That is all you need to do!