We’re here to help you prepare for your travels.

We go on-site, to administer immunizations at clinics, homes, pharmacies, corporations, businesses, schools, churches and more. Group rates available.

Staying safe on your trip abroad

Planning for your health during your travels is just as important as booking flights and arranging hotels. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 30-60% of international travelers become ill each year as a direct result of international travel – often from diseases that are vaccine-preventable.

You’ll leave your appointment educated, immunized, and, most importantly, prepared for your adventures.

Documentation and travel information

Each traveler will receive official immunization records to keep with their travel documents. We also inform you of any health risks for the specific countries on your trip, and how to avoid such problems as diarrhea or malaria.

Get the right travel immunizations

Bring your itinerary. Immunizations may help you avoid many health complications you may not be aware of. Vickery Vaccine Services will discuss the most up-to-date travel health information with you, as well as warnings from the Center for Disease Control.

Experts in immunizations

We meet HIPPA requirements. Be assured that your information is accurate and kept secure. Most travel vaccines are not covered by health care insurance. Call for pricing.

Available Vaccines

On the basis of your itinerary and the travelers underlying health, the following vaccines should be considered for consultation with a healthcare provider.